"Until I found A.M. Soaps, I believed my skin was just too sensitive for
soaps in general. Every time I washed my hands in a public bathroom, or
took a shower, my hands and arms would be all dry and scratchy. I had
to carry lotion everywhere I went. But with A.M. Soaps olive-oil based
formula, it's been really great. My skin is in great shape now, and the
fragrances are one-of-a-kind."

- Mary

I honestly never really thought much about the soap I used until I was
talking with a family member about dry skin, and they recommended Bill's
soap. That was more than 10 years ago, and I've been hooked since (it
really is addicting). AM Soaps don't compare with any mass-produced
soaps, and I've tried other boutique soaps and never found anything that
comes close. I take it with me when I travel because I can't stand
other soaps now that I'm spoiled. I also use it exclusively for
shaving. Love the different fragrance choices and I even keep a bar in
my sock drawer to keep things fresh.

- Paul, Illinois

I first found AM soap at Art in the Park in Bemidji Minnesota. I loved
the few bars of soap I purchased and continue to order soaps by mail
from AM soaps. Our family favorites are the Almond and Grapefruit and
my 10 year old daughters favorite is the Disney colored Frozen soap. I
have been a happy customer for over 5 years!

- Ann, Colorado

I was given my first bar of Bill's soap as a Christmas gift. I use the
tea tree and charcoal facial bar and since I found it, I haven't used anything else on my face. It's helped greatly with acne and breakouts.
It's gentle and feels like I'm doing something good for my body when I use it. 

I've been buying soap from Bill for several years and he's always been a kind, easygoing person to work with. He's is always warm and friendly. 

I love Bill's soap and I haven't found anything else like it. I no longer
live in Bemidji, but I find myself there about once a year and I'm
always ready to buy more soap.

- Anna, satisfied soap customer since 2019, Minnesota

I first bought a.m. soap company products in 2016, and that is literally
the only soap we use now! The bars are super luxurious, lather is
fantastic and the fragrance is perfect! I have sensitive skin, and have
never had a reaction to the soaps. I love trying the new scents, and my
absolute favorite bars are wasabi, coastal rains, hinoki and fisherman’s
soap. My husband purchased the shave puck kit, and has never used
canned shaving cream since. No more plastic waste from liquid soap or
horrible cans from shaving cream. We love supporting small, made in USA
businesses, and Bill is fantastic and so accommodating. Highly recommend
a.m. soap company, you will not be disappointed!

- Lori K., Victoria, MN

I love the a.m. soap company. When I was visiting my sister I was so
amazed at how wonderful her linen closet smelled....the reason was she
had it stocked up with a.m. soaps. She added some of my choices to her
regular order and now it has become a routine for us. I try new scents
from time to time but always make sure I include lots of my favorite -
Wasabi. Other scents I enjoy are grapefruit, Hinoki and Eucalyptus.
a.m.soaps make a good, clean product :)

- PB, Palm Beach, FL