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Jewelweed is a bush that grows in low, wet areas of Minnesota. This soap is created to remove urushiol, the compound in Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac that causes an allergic reaction. The hand-harvested jewelweed plant is infused into the soapmaking base oils and water before saponification. No additional scents or colors are added and the soap is gentle on skin while being tough on toxins. This soap is safe and gentle for adults and children.

Suggestions for use:

Since urushiol is absorbed by the skin within 10 minutes of exposure, try to scrub the affected area immediately after contact with skin. If a rash has already developed, wash the area thoroughly and don’t rinse for a few minutes – let the ingredients go to work for you. Use repeatedly as needed.


cold-process soap created by hand in small batches using olive oil, distilled water, jewelweed plants, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil.


Scent Category: earthy

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